The Top 5 Amazing Secrets to know about blogging in 2020

The Top 5 Amazing Secrets to know about blogging in 2020

Blogging is one of the best way to add perfect wings to your career. For the past ten years, the scope in this field has become promising .

With promising trends, people also wanted to try their luck by starting a website and wanted to earn a passive income from Blogging, but because of the lack of knowledge about Blogging, they efforts are not paying off.

With this short conversation as content, will get into to discuss the top 5 secrets to make money by blogging. 

Here we go.


  1. What is blogging? 
  2. How digital marketing will help to make Blogging 
  3. Best way to make money online?
  4. Is Blogging easy?
  5. The best blogging website to make money

#1. What is blogging?

The blog refers to an informational website where you can find out your doubts and become updated every time. Blogs published on the Internet relating to a Domain under any hosting server

The process of creating websites for giving information as content termed as Blogging. In this era of technology, everyone can visit many blogs to find the answers to their day to day questions.

In blogs, the techniques which are used are mostly informal, or we can say diary-style techniques are popularly used in Blogging.

In 2009 blogging website owners  was working as single or we can say only occasionally of small parties or groups. But from 2010 it started working as a multi-author blog. 

Many blogs also gave the commentary on a particular subject like movie review blogs.

One thing which I wanted to suggest that if you decided to do Blogging then think like a leader, not an employee because you are doing business, not a job.

Feeling like a CEO of a company would help you to work harder without any reward. Blogging is a business and blogger is a businessman. 

So, why peoples are hesitating to join this way? 

Well, Blogging is not a bed of roses where you just have to create your blog on selected niches, and then you earn passive income. No, this is not the correct way of thinking.

The reality is that the person who has good patience can be a blogger, and this is the first secret that is very precious to be a successful blogger. 

#2.How digital marketing will help to make Blogging easy

Making a blog is not that much difficult. To get some tutorial about the making of blogs will help you to create a blog on your selected niches, but without traffic on your site, the blog becomes meaningless.

Digital marketing courses will do exactly this for you if you have done a digital marketing course, then you know how to create a social appearance in online media.

To create your presence online, you got the key to generate traffic on your site, and this will help to make your blog accessible.

Without the digital marketing course, you have not the perfect knowledge of SEO tools, and in this condition, you had to face lots of problems with the promotion of your blog. 

#3.Best way to make money online?

Many people think, is blogging is the best way to make money online

Yes, Blogging is one of the best ways to earn online. Let’s took an example 

A couple who have a food recipe blog 

The husband and wife Bjork and Lindsay, whose website is PinchofYum.com make a massive amount of approx. $25k per month

Another example is a travel blog whose owners are Yeison and Samantha, who run mytanfeet.com are making over $5k per month. 

The earnings which are listed above are huge, and no other platform gives that amount online. So, we can say that Blogging is one of the best ways to earn online. 

#4. Is Blogging easy?

People refer that Blogging is complicated, or we can say sophisticated, but this is not true.

Now a question arises that “So why they said that statement?”  Due to lack of Awareness, people fail to become a successful blogger, and they thought that Blogging is complicated.

Yes, it is true that Blogging doesn’t give the initial income.

Blogger invests time from months to years to maintain, which can generate traffic on their site.

After that blogger applies for AdSense in his blog when he/she got the approval from AdSense, then the blogger becomes eligible to earn some money.

After the struggling period, the blogger is likely to make a passive income.

It concludes that Blogging is a great work that is done part-time or full time, but you have to become consistent and have patience. 

#5.The best Blogging website to make money

Final point, to earn money from blogging in 2020. We will look into the top 5 websites from where you can make a good website which can lead to generating revenue

#5.1    WordPress

WordPress.org is one of the best open-source platforms for Blogging. It takes a token fee to use this WordPress. In WordPress, a blogger can host your blog in just $2.75 per month. 

#5.2   Wix.com  

Wix.com is also an excellent platform for Blogging. In wix.com you can use their service at just $11 per month. 

The speciality of this website is it’s relaxed and friendly service. 

#5.3  Squarespace.com

In Squarespace.com you can get their subscription to create your blog in just $12. This website is said to be the best website for beginners who have low technical skills in Blogging. 

#5.4   Weebly.com

The charges to use this website for your blog is just $8 per month. This is also a good website for beginners, especially for those whose coding skill is low. 

#5.5   Joomla.com

The content management of this website is best, and that’s why the site is the most popular website in the whole world for Blogging. 

This website charges $20 to $100 per month. This website offers lots of varieties to its customers. 


These five secrets are handy to become a successful blogger. To keep in mind these five secrets, you can also become a successful blogger and can earn a high income through Blogging. 





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