Top 10 Website Where You Can Get site Analysis Audit & Website Audit

Top 10 Website Where You Can Get Your Website Audit

Made a new website? Want to know how your website is performing so far? Then, go through the top 10 site analysis tools we have listed from where you can get your website audit. Auditing a website is vital as it tells you the reasons why you are not getting enough traffic and what improvements you need to make on the pages of your websites. 

Top 10 Website Where You Can Get Your Website Audit:

#1. My site Auditor

My Site Auditor is considered one of the most prominent site analysis tools and can be used by any big SEO agency that provides SEO services to clients. All you need to do is, with your website, integrate the MySiteAuditor tool, and with this, you can quickly generate more leads. 

As you know, generating leads is a daunting task an excellent tool where you can get your website audit can help you—the tool connected with Google’s algorithm that makes it easier for you to get accurate results. 

#2. Seoptimer

If you are willing to use a free auditing tool that can do the site analysis of your website, then you can blindly trust seoptimer. It gives you proper audit reports and also gives you suggestions on what you should do to improve the traffic on your website and get more visitors. 

If you are thinking that installing Seoptimer is a tough task, then don’t worry. It is just a Google Chrome browser extension that you need to add. Once done, you have to focus on the changes suggested by this free auditing tool. 

The other benefit, you will get from using this tool is, you can save the report if you want to in PDF format. With this, you can track a summary of how your website is performing monthly. 

#3. Site Analyzer

Another reporting tool in the Site Analyzer. Using this tool, you can do the site analysis for free up to 20 times per month. If you want to do the unlimited auditing of your multiple websites, then you will be asked to use the paid version of the tool. 

The tool instantly gives you results on how your website is performing, and what are the problems you need to solve to improve the performance quickly. 

#4. Marketing Grader

If you are a newbie in the world of website auditing or doing site analysis, then using a Marketing grader is highly recommended to you. Founded by HubSpot Inc, it is one of the most accessible reporting tools that can be used to check SEO rankings. 

#5. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a site analysis, tool developed by Neil Patel – one of the top leading digital marketers in the world. Using this tool, you cannot only get your website audit, but you can also get some keyword ideas, content ideas, and many more things. 

If you use the tool for free, you will have access to a limited result, but if you switch to the premium version, then you will have access to unlimited results. So, use this uber search tool and increase the SEO ranking of your website. 

#6. SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup is the best site analysis free tool that one can use. This reporting tool audits your website in 6 various categories that is a server, security, SEO, semantic web, social media, and more. After checking all these satisfactory and essential factors, the site will give you a total score out of 100. With the overall score, you will be able to analyze how your website is performing. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start using this site analysis tool and make your website a rocking one. Increasing SEO rankings also become comfortable with the assistance of these tools. 

#7. Google Search Console

The top SEO strategists started with Google Search Console. And, if you are a beginner, then you can rely on this platform. This platform gives you accurate reports on your website audit and tells you what fixes you have to do on your website. 

Whether, it is a performance issue, or image optimization issue, you get to know about all things. So, use this site analysis tool and increase the SEO rankings of your website.

#8. Screaming Frog

For detailed site analysis, you can always prefer Screaming Frog. With an audit, it is also a crawling tool that can tell you about what improvements to do.

#9. SERanking Website Audit

One of the fantastic site analysis website auditing tools is the SE Ranking Website. It gives you all results starting from mistakes, to what is making your website slow. After crawling all pages of your website, it will tell you what areas you are lacking and what you have to do for making it proper.

#10. Woorank

Woorank specializes in generating reporting tools of your website after auditing it. You have to enter the URL of your website, and the tool will tell you what needs to do.


Every business is on the internet today. And, to grow your business online, you must be doing proper changes and keeping a track on your competitor’s website also like what they are doing and how you can be different from your competitors. 

If you are new into the online world, then have patients, keep putting all your efforts, and you will surely get good results. 

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