Top 20 Image Submission Sites For Off-Page SEO in 2021

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In terms of SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation), Image sharing in the Best Image Submission Sites in SEO list is an off-page activity which involves posting an image to different photo sharing or submission sites. Image submission is a type of off-page search engine Optimization.  

OffPage SEO is an activity done away from the website to drive traffic to it, increase search ranking, raise Domain Authority (DA) etc.

The secret trick behind image submission is using easily detected optimized images that search engine web crawlers can easily crawl.

 For security and nonviolence reasons, the images should not be either copyrighted or watermarked.  

The submitted or shared Image must have an alternative text to give a brief explanation about it. This helps web crawlers detect and crawl the Image using the alternative text since they can't read images.

Websites owners are leaving no stone unturned in driving traffic to their websites. 

One of the most effective ways they do that is image submission. Images create a better long-lasting impact.  

They easily communicate information to the viewer, which would take many paragraphs to be explained in texts. A great submitted image can in a second tell what the website is about.

This organically drives traffic to your website, which makes search engines raise its ranking. Most of the submission sites hold high domain authority.  

 The backlinks from them, in turn, give your website high domain authority. This gives you more 

authority over another competing website in the ranking. Isn't Image submission awesome? Oh yes, it is.   

Benefits Of Image Submission In Seo?

There are over a million websites on the internet with thousands operating under the various niches.  

This makes ranking on the top websites difficult by just counting on web searches. For a website ranked far from the first and second pages of search results, there are minimal chances of being viewed no matter how rich it's content is. 

 It is therefore inevitable to use other ways of driving traffic to the website to increase its ranking. One easy and free way to do that is using Image Submission Websites In India. Most of these sites are free. Just Signup and start posting images with a link attached to them.  

 With their high authority domains and a significant number of users, you will be able to generate organic traffic with high-quality backlinks. 

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What Is Image Submission In Seo?

With a good image submission, users should be able to post or host images of high quality in any required format like JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP, Infographics etc. 

 A good submission site should hold a high Domain Authority to provide high-quality backlinks which are one of the main reasons for off-page SEO. 

 Submission sites should have a significant number of users; otherwise, one with a small number would only drive little traffic to your website. 

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Rules of Image submission

Do not use copied images. Images with copyrights and watermarks have restrictions which may result in punitive actions in case they are used without a license.  

Abusing the copyrights may also result in lawsuits which may require one to pay a fine, serve time in prison or even do both. It is therefore advisable not to use random downloaded images from the internet without knowledge of their copyrights.  

You can make your images or check out websites that provide free images that have no copyrights or watermarks.  

 Ensure to submit optimally high-resolution images in the right format that can comfortably be accessed and used by viewers. The Image should also be optimized. Image Optimization increase the speed at which the website or Image opens to be accessed.  

 An overly high resolution or heavy Image may take longer to open, which may result in the visitor leaving the page. A very low-resolution image may open quickly but appear to be of a very low quality.  

A high quality image is also a must for the effective image submission. Choose one which will attract your target audience's eye. This can be inappropriate colours and content that will make one stop and click. 

You must use the right alternative tags and titles. As explained earlier, web crawlers can not read images. Therefore to crawl an image, they use the alternative texts to know what it is about. 

Alternative text is the title or caption attached to the submitted Image explaining what the Image is about.  

To effectively gain from image submission, you should allow users to use your images with credit. This spreads the word to other people and in turn, increases organic traffic. 

Also, host an image to a maximum of three directories. 

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Benefits of Image Submission or Sharing

Images submission Sites builds reliable and useful backlinks. The backlinks from image submission are organic and free from dirty tricks of link building. This protects them from any suspicion of violence or malpractice by search engines.  

 The backlinks also come from websites with high domain authority which in turn gives your website more authority. 

With images, you can easily capture the mind of the users to lead them to your website. Visuals speak clearly and quickly to the mind. The message on the Image gives a lot of information to the user, which makes easy to understand the post. 

Picture speaks a thousand words? Well, then there is no better time to refer to the proverb. 

Image submission connects a brand with images that portray its features. This helps create more 

awareness about the brand amongst users and its features. The familiarity makes future customer 

loyalty since they trust the brand when it becomes familiar to their eyes as it appears in many submitted photos. This, in turn builds an audience.  

The off-Page SEO activity generates a lot of organic traffic to your website. People trust websites that show up in the organic search results more than those that are advertised. Showing up in organic search results signifies a lot of organic visits and trust from many users. Image submission draws traffic to your website organically, which in turn attracts more people to your website once it shows up in search results.  

 Image submission increases website rank. Images are submitted to high domain authority websites. The backlinks coming from these websites are of excellent quality with high authority. 

This, in turn, gives your website more authority over its counter websites.  

 The increased authority then raises your website's rank over other websites with less authority.  

Image submission allows you to get your infographics viral all over social media platforms. 

Infographic is a combination of both information and graphics. The term stands for graphics that give off information in a more detailed way. Take an example of statistical graphs, charts etc. 

Image Optimization

This entire article will be half baked if I jump to the Top Image Submission Sites without telling you about image optimization. Optimizing your Image before the submission is a crucial and important thing to do. Skipping it will be more like trying to collect water using a perforated bucket. The activity makes the images user friendly and attractive.  

Optimize your Image to an appropriate resolution that maintains the high quality of the Image at the same time maintain a high loading speed. A very high resolution may make the Image take long to open, which may not be user friendly. A very low resolution may also destroy the quality of the Image, making it less attractive. It is, therefore, important to maintain an optimal resolution. 

Ensure to do the following before sharing your photo or submitting it to any image submission sites: 

Image selection 

Select an image that resonates with the features on your website; for example, articles, products, videos etc. This creates an understanding of your intended message to the user. 

You can not select an image of fashion if your post or website is in the technology niche.  

File format

Check the format of the Image to ensure that the image submission site supports it. The commonly used format is JPG though other formats are also used. 


Ensure to give the Image a file name that describes it. This provides additional information to the user. 

Alternative texts or tags

 The alt texts explain what the Image is about. You would rather not post an image than do it without an alternative text. As I said earlier, web crawlers can not read images. They, therefore, read alternative texts instead to know what the Image is about. Without the alternative text, a submitted image can never be crawled over. 

 After having all the above in check, you can go ahead and submit the Image to your ideal image submission website. 

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Top 20 image submission website

We are finally here. Having gone through all the relevant information, we needed to know about image submission. Below is a list of the top 20 image submission sites that I have compiled basing on popularity, domain authority, user-friendliness, free access and quality of backlinks from them. 

1.Facebook. With largest number of users compared to other sites. This gives your Image a 

chance to be viewed by many people. It also allows sharing links on which a user clicks to go to your website after viewing the Image. 

2.Pinterest. For any website that is targeting an audience from the USA, Pinterest is your goto site since its majority users are from the country. It also allows sharing links on which users click to go to your website. 

3.Twitter. Third, in line, twitter is one site you can't miss out to share your images. With only 280 maximum characters allowed in a tweet, the site gives you no option but to use images to deliver more information to attract traffic. Twitter also allows attaching links. 

4.Tumblr. The short blog networking site allows you to share images with a relatively more comprehensive description. It attracts a great deal of traffic most especially for blogs 

5.Instagram. The site has had rapid growth in the number of users recently. Even though it doesn't allow links in a post but only on one's profile, Instagram remains perfect platform to showcase your talent and products through images. 

Make use of social media sites for effective image submission. 

 The above are the top five. 







You may not use all the above sites to share or submit your image posts. I advise you to choose the best you can deal with. Make great use of social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flicker etc.  

 There is more traffic to draw to your website than from any other image submission sites. If you don't have images to use, some sites mentioned above like,, etc. provide free photos without watermarks and copyright restrictions.  

 You can as well use sites like to make your images. 

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Image submission is something you can not leave out to increase your page ranking, domain authority and the organic traffic it receives.  

I have provided sufficient information that you would need to know about this off-page SEO activity. What are you waiting for now? Go, get those images on all your favourite image submission sites and watch your website climb up the ranking. I wish you the best. 

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