Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites List

Still searching for instant approval blog commenting sites list?

No more required after I publish this post.

Yes,You heard it right.

I am bringing before you a powerful resource for blog commenting list which will be live soon as commenting, means Instant approval blog commenting sites list.

With the help of this post ,I am sharing the list of Instant Approval Dofollow blog commenting sites list. Which can help generating Do-follow backlinks .

Out of multiple off Page SEO techniques,Blog commenting sites for backlinks is the most easiest  way of creating backlinks.

Here is the catch,Most of the comments on sites goes for approval of the owner,So Finding the Instant Approval sites, is the key for creating Blog Commenting Backlinks.

If you are searching for Instant Approval Blog commenting sites list in google, you can see hundreds of results.

Most the sites list will go for approval, which may not serve the need.

If your comments is genuine and focusing on the intent as general user, then more chances of getting  your comment gets approve.

After searching for  multiple sites and spent more time on finding dofollow blog commenting sites list, most of the sites comments went for approval.

Which made me to think and do some research to find dofollow instant approval blog commenting sites list.

It was real hard to find, still able to get some sites which can serve our need.

This post is meant to provide high quality website list for which ,we can achieve backlink with  dofollow blog commenting sites.

Newbie bloggers are growing day by day, and spending time to post their content.

Recommendation for New Bloggers is to post atleast 50 posts, before starting Backlink activity,But make sure keyword research is done ,so that can publish posts around the keywords.

With content or publishing posts will help to a great start, publishing posts may not get organic traffic directly.

After you publish posts, now time to focus on Link Building or Back linking.

With only content,  not easy to rank on Search Engines like Google, Bing.

In addition to the content in the site,It require Backlinks to the website, which can build authority to your website.

So, let jump into our focus topic of Instant approval Blog Commenting site list.

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Blog Commenting?

Blog commenting is termed as a reply or response to the content or the post you published from the visitor or audience.

Blog Commenting is the best way to know the views from the reader.Interaction with reader through blog commenting will help in understanding what the visitor is looking for.

Having more comments on the posts ,also help in attracting more audience or visitors, which is one of the factor ,Search engines would like to rank for ,being an engaged content.

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Create Backlinks With Blog Comments

Sharing your views or adding some Comments on the any other blog is an easy task for getting a backlink for your site.

You can do comments by entering some details in the form available at the end of the content.

Required to fill details on Comment or Views name, Enter your Name,Email, and your Blog Link and Submit.

If it is an Instant Approval Site, will be published right away, if not it will go for Site Owner Approval.

With approved comment ,your blog  will also get a backlink from that blog, as you provided your Website/Blog Details in the Form.

Sample of the Comment Boxpost a comment

Blog Commenting Uses

Blog Commenting is used to appreciate the blogger work and the same way useful to create a backlink to our blog.

Commenting is  helpful in many other ways like:

Website Organic Traffic:

When we add our views and comments for any blog content, reader also search for the comments for more information related to any missing information or questions in the comments section.

Our comment will help to bring back the reader of other site to our site with the help of the blog comments and backlink created for our website


Can generate backlinks with the blog commenting sites.One of the easy Off Page technique is to do blog commenting for achieving backlink.

Backlinks Types.

Most of the time and most of the websites we get nofollow backlinks, very less number of Sites which gives Dofollow Backlinks.

Below are the sites, which we can achieve Do Follow Backlinks

  • WordPress Comment
  • Facebook Comments
  • Disqus comments
  • Youtube Comments

If you don't know ,what is dofollow or nofollow.

Do Follow and No Follow 

Mostly asked question by Newbie bloggers is what is difference between Do Follow and No Follow.Nofollow links is a link which only points to a url, and will not effect anything related to SEO, where as dofollow links pass the link juice/link authority which can help ranking of our website.

Have more percentage of Do Follow Backlinks and some percentage of NoFollow backlinks is a healthy sign.

Blog commenting sites?

With vast number of websites or blogs, how to find websites for blog commenting.

  • "keyword" + Blog commenting Sites(For Commenting on your niche)
  • Best Dofollow blog sites
  • Instant approval blog commenting sites list
  • Instant approval Dofollow blog commenting sites list
  • Free blog commenting sites list

Instant approval blog commenting sites list

Some FAQs

Ways to free Backlinks

Some of the Ways, which we can achieved backlinks.
1. Blog Commenting
2. Search Engine Submission
3. Guest Posts
4. Social Bookmarking Sites
5. Image Sharing Sites
6. Profile Creation Sites
7. Ping Submission
8. Analyze your Competitors backlinks

SEO Process:

1. Niche Research
2. Keyword Optimization
3. Image Optimization
4.Publish Content

5.Use social media platforms for sharing

Strategy For Backlink 

Actionable strategies to create high quality backlinks .
1. Blog Commenting
2. Search Engine Submission
3. Social Bookmarking Sites List
4. High PR Image Sharing Sites
5. High DA Profile Creation Sites
6. Ping Submission on Pinging Sites

Backlink Importance

Out of multiple factor for website ranking,Backlink is one of the important factor to increase website ranking.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a process where you can write article on another blog or website, which will create a backlink, by adding Author Bio in the Guest Post.This is quality and widely used for ranking boost.

Points to rank higher on Google

Publish Content.
Doing Keyword Optimization
Building backlinks


I am sure i provided all the required details of  instant approval blog commenting sites list.If I missed any of them,Please do share with me ,so that I can  add which can help more readers also.

Do a favour by sharing this useful information to your friends and in Social Networks

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