8 Steps on How to Make Blogging as a Career

How to make Blogging as a Career.

Do you know the Global unemployment rate increasing year by year?
With the students coming out of educational institutes and Employment Generated from Companies are not in sync.

Which is resulting in the unemployment rate increase? With the unemployment, job seekers mostly youth are planning for alternate methods to earn, and some are making alternative methods as a career.

Yes, As an alternative method, people are choosing Blogging as a career.
In this post, I will give you detailed version on How to Make Blogging as a Full Time Career.

Blogging has become a fancy yet attractive word globally with many influencers with the base as Blogging.

Blogging is one of the most picked habits for many people because of low startup costs.With Website Domain and Hosting Starter packs starting from 2$ also.This small investment made many aspirants opt for Blogging as a part-time or full time. 

I will take you through essential points on how to start your Blogging career . As many tell earn money from blogging quickly, Yes, earning money from Blogging is possible with the right set of rules and following the right direction. Top bloggers did not become top in overnight or using any magic wand.

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It involves a lot of hurdles hard work, skills, Patience, Research, Digesting what they are writing for, and most importantly under all this situation, striving hard to publish right information to the readers ,which helped ignited many.

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What is a Blog or Blogging?
A blog is a piece of content with useful information, and it is termed as a place where visitors get required information.
Blogging is a task or work to write content in the Blog for providing information to the people.
A blog is commonly known as a website, where information is published and displayed on request .

Remarkable Domain and Reliable hosting

As a blogger, your initial investment starts with Registering a Domain and Choosing a reliable web hosting service.

A domain name needs to be a user-friendly name, which people can name it like our names. A domain name needs to attract, display brand and professional, This tells who you are and holds for a long ,so domain should be remarkable

There is so much dependency on hosting, which decides your blog or website success.
Hosting is a place where the files of the Blog or website stored and points to the Domain.
Hosting is scaled based on performance, server response time, reliability or uptime, and support process. These are the elements to look when picking up a hosting service, as this is the only financial investment.
As I reiterate, Picking the right hosting helps you in blog success.
Each step makes the path smooth to your Blogging career.
Note: I wrote a Detailed Review of Cheap Best Top 10 Web Hosting Services

Research for Niche

Yay, We are on the web with our wise decision to pick the Perfect Domain and a reliable Hosting.
Researching the Niche is vital for the Blog.If the Niche is not competitive and not having any footprint in the market.
Then our interest and investment will go unnoticed.
We need to make sure our Niche is competitive in the market, and the scope of earning with products or services is available.
The Niche should be based on your passion, interest, and doing that you feel confident.
Without Interest in Niche, you will not feel confident to continue blogging or managing the Blog.
Digest the Niche
Digesting the Niche we finalized is very important and needs to make a habit thinking about the Niche, which can give new ideas and plans to put your thoughts on your Blog.
As we plan to develop Blogging as a Career, Blogging should be a daily job, not as a habit.
Note: I wrote a Detailed Review On Niche Research

Importance of Content

i am sure you are thinking about Niche and topics to put on the Blog.Yes, you are on the right path.
That is the blogger's mindset, which can deliver sound results.
I will use an old quote as all knew, "Content is the King"
Make Content as King while writing your blogs, then Content will make you King.
Publishing content is not as easy as people say. But there some guidelines, and some tools like SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant will help to guide whether we are going on the right path.
You can use SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant free trail while writing initial posts.
There are multiple other tools Like Grammarly for Checking our wording, Quality, Grammar, Voice of the sentence, and tools to make sure our content is unique by checking plagiarism on Copyscape and some other.
Note: I write content using multiple tools
Publish Native Content.
As Niche interests you more, I am sure you are ready to start writing some words.
Words coming from your thoughts can be native content; there are multiple agencies supporting Content writing services. You can outsource content for your Blog.After receiving the material, read and consume the content, and if you are 100% happy, then you are all set to publish your first post in your Blog.

Consistency Matters

oh, Not an easy thing, Atleast for me, I started multiple blogs at the starting of my blogging career, But not able to continue lacking consistency. Consistency matters for Blogging .it is not a 1 or 2 days Task. As you are going to build your career on Blogging, consistency needs to be a high priority. Keep on writing the content or posts related to your Niche and publish it.
It should be a goal until you write 50 blog posts, do not expect anything.

Small Investment

As we discussed, to start blogging Small Investment is required, which is making many people start, Our goal is not a small investment out goal to get high income being as Regular blogger with Blogging as a career.
The investment will be on Domain and Hosting, and if you want to invest more can invest in Purchasing content writing services.

Manage your Audience

Yah!!! You are on a roll, Writing content regularly and publishing content and also seeing some traffic to your Blog.
Most New Bloggers do not have attention to visitors. Managing the audience is very important for making your Blog a success: user Pop-ups, Opt-ins to capture details of your visitors, and build a list of subscribers. You can use them as part of Email Marketing. This audience is your asset, so manage the audience with utmost priority.

Get Noticed

Yes, you are doing excellent work, working hard on your Blog, and getting little traffic; if the website gets noticed, then there is a unique chance to improve traffic, which can enhance your website audience and subscriber list.
The website gets noticed by multiple factors, like Optimising for Search Engine, Using Right keywords in your article.
So getting noticed is vital to show your hard work.

Monetize your Website

Wow...your blog is at 50 post milestone, Awesome, Outstanding work.
Finally, we are on money now. Who don't want money, all want money, but hard work always pays.following all points and building your Blog with consistency is going to pay now.
Below are some of the ways to monetize the blog
1. Selling Space for Banners on your website, which pays you based on monthly or daily.
2.Adding Affiliate links on your website so that when visitors click, you will be paid money.
3. Apply for Google Adsense, Make sure you don't click on ads or don't tell anyone to click, You will be banned for Life.
4. Add website Building service, which you did till now, and provide services to your website visitors.
There are multiple other ways, But these are the primary means of ideas, where blogs can generate revenue.
Now switch on the button...start seeing the income flow. Cheers...

Consistency can make you money in Blogging.However, we will do all the required steps to start with domain and hosting and start publishing posts by writing on own or outsourcing to content writers. This post is for people who wanted to build Blogging as a Career. I hope this step will ignite you to start a new blog and follow all the required steps to make from 0 to hero.
Contact me for any support or services, and i will Look into your requests and respond accordingly with related resources.
Hope you liked my views on Blogging as a Career
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