Top 10 Best Survey Apps To Make Money

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Are you working to reach your existing revenue? Are you continuing to postpone planning to your expenditure? Well, although you don’t, at the end of the month it’s always nice to have some extra cash.

We’ve completed the best survey apps to make money, assist you get fast and easy bucks. These may be the best survey applications to generate revenue, though, but it does not mean that you are going to be a millionaire.

That is enough, even so, so you can watch all of your favourite films, eat in a favourite restaurant and make your monthly savings somewhat more. You sometimes even get gift cards to shop in different shops.

Many of these apps facilitate the introduction of an account as well as the performance of small tasks like surveys. It’ll take a few minutes, and then you can revisit it as often as you want during the day.

As often as you do this, you can end up making more money on the way!

Here are the

Ten Best Survey Apps To Make Money

  • Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a great app with over 11 million users if you’d like to make money from surveys. In contrast to other survey apps, Survey Junkie is an easy and convenient application that only covers surveys.

Almost no tasks or activities are to be undertaken.

There will be all sorts of surveys with different lengths as well as questions that reward Survey Junkie. It’s worth one cent for every point.

You can either redeem them by gift cards for Amazon, Target, and so on if users think people have enough points. If not, users could also use the points to receive cash directly from their PayPal account.

In addition, users can edit their profile as well as add additional information. The app will therefore suggest surveys of your interests to oneself. Therefore, you won’t only receive payment for surveys, but also enjoy it.


  • InboxDollars

Established in 2000, the company’s app installs in Google Play Store were over five million. In addition, these have paid its users more than $57 million in rewards as well as cash. Consequently, they can relax if anyone doubts its credibility.

InboxDollars does have its own website and an application for its consumers that enables them to use anything they like. Furthermore, their app is pretty easy, with such a user-friendly interface to explore conveniently.

Various activities, including surveys, are grouped into different categories within the application. Consequently, only those surveys which show your attention can be answered.

Furthermore, you also can play games and read email messages for many other activities throughout the app. In addition, even just trying to search the web can get your to cash with their search bar.

This is a big thing about InboxDollars. They give no points. Individuals don’t really give awards. Rather, you receive dollars directly.


Those who have, even so, a minimum limit that they can reclaim. You must have a minimum of $30 to redeem. You could then purchase the card or get the cash via PayPal when you have this amount.

  • MyPoints

One of the best-paying survey applications, MyPoints, is yet another way to earn money quickly and easily for quite a while. Originally, it only had a website you were required to access via a laptop or PC.

They now have their different app, even so, which you can use it on your phone when you want.

Almost everybody is a great way to earn, even though you’re not in a rush to earn some cash straight away. It provides plenty of scope for earning points. You can finish your profile to get some points directly, once you have signed up, and that’s free.

If users prefer an app to a person you know, individuals will also get rewarded for being a good friend.

From our viewpoint, it is far from as difficult to earn rewards on MyPoints as to decide how and when to make restitution. MyPoints gives you endless choices about how your points can be used.

In different denominations, gift cards are available for different stores. You have to really pick as well as join the necessary details when you have chosen a certain gift card, and they will soon be sent to your home address.


  •  Swagbucks

This application must do something right with over a million Google Play Store downloads alone. Okay?

Swagbucks is a very powerful platform, and for all of the right purposes, for people who are looking to earn an extra buck. They help you to earn cash and spend the money back in your bag or wallet when they say this to themselves.

Users can pay them for cash once they’ve earned sufficient swag bucks. As well, you can use them for purchasing gift cards for several large retail stores, including Walmart, Amazon, Target, KMart, and much more.

So that you can browse with Swagbucks as well as make money for it rather than Google or Yahoo. Likewise, you’ll have the ability to watch videos, complete surveys, respond to polls, and so on. You receive different rates depending on the time it takes for various activities.

A one-minute survey, for example, would then give you a swag buck, whereas a 10-minute survey may provide you with 15 swag bucks. You can redeem them for cash once you’ve earned enough swag bucks. Conversely, gift cards could also be purchased at a number of major retail outlets like Amazon, Walmart, and many others. 

  • QuickThoughts


QuickThoughts may not be as widely known in this list as some of the other apps. But if we say it is credible, you could really believe us. In exchange for even faster and easier tasks, it promises easy cash.

QuickThoughts also does use your location for location-based surveys, comparable to other applications in that list. In addition, you can also carry out other localized tasks, for example, photography, to receive immediate rewards.

In addition, surveys of all sorts are available. You will make smaller and short surveys as well as long questionnaires that pay you much more.

  • Panel App

The Panel App has provided its customers with over US$2 million in cash as well as other awards, a further large and successful app. The vibrant application is easy and fun to be using. In addition, most of your work is done by the app.

Users just need to start sharing their location after logging in, and the Panel App would then begin to send you several location surveys. Begin to reply as well as make money from survey data in the form of points.

After which, to get gift cards or even win prizes like an XBOX One you can make up for these points.

  • Surveys on the Go

If you want a very straightforward, simple, and direct, low-key app that just doesn’t fit all day, you can do Surveys on the Go. Comparable to the last app, Surveys on the Go also wants to send local surveys to you.

Users simply have to keep their location activated. The app would then send you surveys for different locations you pass through it as you move around. Furthermore, you can eliminate surveys that just don’t apply to you if you reply at the start of a demographic survey.

You get the direct cash on your account after you have finished answering the surveys. The trouble of converting points into cash is not necessary.

  • iPoll

You must try to give iPoll a try if you have a little more time to spare. Rather than just passive survey applications, it is one of the most active.

You will have various “missions,” like visiting places as well as trying products. The app uses the data that you supply to send you the tasks you prefer.

You could even answer questions regarding this once you’ve done this on the app as well as earn rewards. In return for cash, prizes, or even airline loans you can redeem these prizes.

  • Zap Surveys

It’s great to earn money. But it’s still better to donate. Don’t, however, feel too bad because your pocket won’t be out.

This is the purpose of Zap Surveys. While many brands only conduct surveys to conduct their own investigations, Zap Surveys actually makes a huge difference in their application.

Users can answer special, high-paid surveys with this application which assists you get a few bucks. More relevantly, Zap Surveys will donate certain amounts of this money to a social cause, like child famine, for each survey you accomplish.

  • National Consumer Panel

We’re confident that you’re exhausted to repeatedly respond to the very same, old surveys. We made the decision, therefore, to bring something that a slightly unusual to you this time. You’re not only answering random questions regarding random brands with the National Consumer Panel application.

Conversely, you search the bar codes for the items you buy with the built-in scanner in the app as well as answer questions regarding them. You can buy anything from your foodstuffs even to your gas refills.


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